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Vampiro real?

Há algum tempo atrás eu soube de uma notícia da Romênia. No ano de 2003, em uma pequena comunidade chamada Celaru, mais precisamente na vila de Marotinu de Sus, no condado de Dolj, ocorreu um fato que parece ser uma história de "vampiro" real. Encontrei hoje uma reportagem sobre o acontecido. O problema é que está em inglês, mas quando der eu traduzo, para quem não consegue ler inglês.

The fate of Petre Toma's corpse seemed to belie his reputation as an
ordinary labourer in the fields that encircle the remote village of
Marotinu de Sus in south-west Romania.
'They took out his heart, burnt it and drank the ashes in a glass of
water,' says Elisabeta Marinescu, who was a neighbour of Toma's. After
a life of sporadic illness, immoderate drinking and a final, decisive
accident in the fields, Toma died in December 2003. But, so many here
say, his spirit would not lie quiet.
'His own sister complained that her daughter-in-law had fallen ill and
that Petre was to blame - she said he had become a strigoi and
something must be done,' recalls Marinescu.
What six local men did was enact an ancient Romanian ritual for
dealing with a strigoi - a restless spirit that returns to suck the
lifeblood from his relatives. Just before midnight, they crept into
the cemetery on the edge of the village and gathered around Toma's
Then they dug him up, split his ribcage with a pitchfork, removed his
heart, put stakes through the rest of his body and sprinkled it with
garlic. Then they burnt the heart, put the embers in water and shared
the grim cocktail with the sick woman. More than a year later, the
effect of the macabre ritual still reverberates through the village:
'Well, the sick woman got better again, so they must have done
something right,' says Anisoara Constantin, on what constitutes the
village's main street.
There, cows and grubby geese sway and horses pull carts past old men
who sit motionless in the shade of a few broad trees. The air seethes
with birdsong and the noises of farm animals tethered in dung-strewn
back yards. Time moves slowly and ritual and superstition shape the
lives of peasants who gained little under communism and even less from
the aristocracy that came before and the free market that followed it.
They fear curses and the evil eye and, though some claimed not to fear
the undead, none would condemn the six men for doing what they
believed was right to lay a restless strigoi .
Local police appeared to be less understanding. After Toma's daughter
complained, they arrested the men and charged them with illegally
exhuming his corpse. They were sentenced to six months in jail, but
did not serve it. 'No one is bothered who did it, it's their own
business,' declared 80-year-old Tudor Stoica, shading his face with a
fraying hat. 'This ritual often takes place, but in secret, within the
family. The problem comes when the police get involved.'
He said the strigoi had haunted Romanian nightmares for centuries,
describing it as 'a fiendish thing, ungodly, that wants to do evil. It
brings illness, makes inexplicable noises and is invisible.'
But, just as Bram Stoker blended age-old fears of the undead with the
legend of 15th-century Transylvanian ruler Vlad 'Dracul' Tepes to
create Dracula, so tales of the strigoi often carry a whiff of the
vampire: the men who exhumed the corpse of Petre Toma, for instance,
claimed to have seen fresh blood around its mouth.
In the village of Celaru, a few miles from Marotinu de Sus, Maria
Dragomir, 76, recalls hearing about scores of similar events. A child
born feet-first or with bits of placenta still attached carries a
lifelong mark of a potential strigoi and, when he dies, knitting
needles must be forced through his heart and navel to stop him
haunting the living, she says.
Dragomir makes up little bags that locals put beneath the heads of the
dead. They contain grain, small stones, a comb, a mirror and an apple,
a combination that some believe capable of persuading a strigoi to lie

Daniel McLaughlin
The Observer

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